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Grenada Irrigation District Pipeline Project
The proposed project would construct a buried pipeline from GID’s existing diversion pump station from the Shasta River to GID's on-district pump station near Pumphouse Rd west of Old Hwy 99. The pipeline would mostly be installed on property owned by Outpost North Annex, LLC from the GID pumping station at the Shasta River to the discharge site west of Old Highway 99 at GID’s Upper and Lower Ditches. The buried pipeline would be a 36-inch PVC pipe with a minimum target depth of 30-inches below ground surface. East of I-5 the pipeline would either generally follow the access road to the GID pump station or the existing electrical transmission line going to the GID pump station. The pipeline grade and depth would follow the elevation of the terrain with efforts to maintain constant grade to reduce the number of air vents and drains. The pipeline would be designed to carry a maximum water flow of 24 cfs to the existing pump station near Old Highway 99. Water would be pumped via the proposed project to either or both the Upper and Lower Ditches depending in water demands in the service area. The proposed project is a water conservation project that is expected to conserve approximately 1,100 acre feet annually. The conserved water would remain in the Shasta River to benefit in stream conditions, mostly during the spring and early summer. Construction methods used to install pipeline under I-5 and Old Hwy 99 would use jack and bore equipment. Work would start in 2021 and would be completed in 2022, with construction activities dependent on existing ranching operations and the irrigation season. The proposed project would occur over approximately 10 months, assuming a 6-day work week and 12-hour work shifts.
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Grenada Irrigation District (GID) Grenada Irrigation District Pipeline Project
Grenada Irrigation District (GID) Grenada Irrigation District Pipeline Project