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Rohnert Park 2040 General Plan Update and 2023-2031 Housing Element Update
2040 General Plan Update The General Plan update addresses the current needs and preferences of the community. The General Plan Planning Area, which reflects the geographic area covered by the General Plan update, is shown on Figure 1. The Planning Area encompasses all lands within the current city limits plus lands within the City’s adopted Sphere of Influence and Urban Growth Boundary. The 2040 General Plan will be Rohnert Park’s updated long-term framework for future growth and development. The 2040 General Plan represents the community’s view of its future and contains the goals and polices upon which the City Council and Planning Commission will base their land use and resource decisions in the future. To provide a contemporary plan that will guide the community to the year 2040, the General Plan is being updated to reflect changes in the community, new issues and opportunities (as identified from community input), changes in State law (such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions), and new trends (autonomous cars, impacts of online shopping, and so forth). The General Plan update identifies and prioritizes opportunities to preserve the character of the community, conserve natural resources, and direct land use policies that enable sustainable growth and employment opportunities in Rohnert Park. 2023-2031 Housing Element Update The Housing Element update will address housing issues facing the City; the City’s housing needs; available sites and resources for housing; and the goals of the Housing Element update. The Housing Element update will assess the housing needs of the City’s population based on its demographic characteristics and its existing housing inventory. The Housing Element update will be based on the City’s latest RHNA estimates, which determined that the City needs to plan for approximately 1,580 residential units, plus a buffer of some number of units to ensure ongoing compliance with the No Net Loss provisions of State housing law. The City's existing housing inventory will be evaluated under requirements of State law to include specific requirements for lower income sites, addressing underutilized sites, use of mixed-use sites, demonstrating realistic capacity and meeting new requirements for the re-use of existing housing opportunity sites deemed beneficial by the City. The Housing Plan will identify any necessary amendments to the General Plan; Zoning Code; design guidelines; and other adopted local documents to achieve compliance with State law
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City of Rohnert Park Rohnert Park 2040 General Plan Update and 2023-2031 Housing Element Update
City of Rohnert Park Rohnert Park 2040 General Plan