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CEMEX Mining and Reclamation Plan Permit Amendment (ZF #2018-0015)
On February 28, 2018, CEMEX submitted an application to modify the approved mining permit and reclamation plan for their existing off-channel mining operation. The subject application was subsequently revised several times, the most recent revision occurring on November 23, 2022. The application contains the following requests: 1) extend the term of the permit approvals by 20 years; 2) allow mining of more total tonnage (22.3 million additional tons mined; 20.0 million additional tons sold); 3) increase the allowed acreage of simultaneous disturbance; 4) increase the allowed area for processing activities; 5) allow reclamation in certain phases to occur later and to allow overall reclamation to occur later; 6) remove Phase 7 from the operation; 7) address inconsistencies in approved plans verses on-the-ground conditions; 8) modify phase boundaries; 9) modify reclamation plans to reclaim more area and modify reclamation end uses to decrease the area of reclaimed agriculture and increase the area of reclaimed lake; 10) increase the area of reclaimed habitat; and 11) modify other approvals to be consistent with the request. The project requires the following County approvals: 1) certification of a Subsequent EIR; 2) amendment to Mining Permit No. ZF #95-093 to: a) allow mining to continue on ±383 acres (Phases 4 through 6) for an additional 20 years through the year 2047, b) approve revised Mining Plan sheets reflecting modified mining phase boundaries, elimination of Phase 7, increased acreage that can be simultaneously disturbed, and increased acreage that can be used for processing, c) approve increased the total production limit from 32,170,000 tons mined (26,700,000 tons sold) over the term of the permit to 53,536,426 tons mined (46,636,119 tons sold), and d) modify various conditions of approval to reflect the final approved changes; 3) amendment to the approved Reclamation Plan to: a) modify reclamation area to reflect ±816 total acres reclaimed to ±419 acres of agriculture (approximately 80% row crops and 20% tree crops), ±204 acres of permanent lakes, ±174 acres of riparian and other habitat, and ±19 acres of slopes and roads, b) allow a longer period for reclamation by phase and overall, with all reclamation completed by 2052, and c) approve revised Reclamation Plan sheets, Reclamation Plan narrative, and Habitat Restoration Plan; and 4) amendment to Development Agreement No. 96-287 to reflect the revised mining and reclamation approvals and net gains.
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Yolo County CEMEX Mining and Reclamation Plan Permit Amendment (ZF #2018-0015)
Yolo County CEMEX Mining and Reclamation Plan Permit Amendment (ZF2018-0015)