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College Area Sewer and Water Group SDP
The project proposes a Site Development Permit for impacts to environmentally sensitive land for the replacement and abandonment of vitrified clay (VC) sewer mains and asbestos cement (AC) water mains and construction of new mains and associated appurtenances. The project includes the following: replace-in-place approximately 1,707 linear feet (LF) of VC sewer main with open trench and trenchless methods; construct approximately 3,059 LF of sewer main; abandon approximately 3,075 LF of sewer main; replace-in-place approximately 2,575 linear feet of water main; construct approximately 483 linear feet of new PVC water main; and abandon approximately 118 linear feet of water main. Appurtenances and accessory structures associated with the project include nine proposed launching/receiving pits, ten new manholes, three new vault structures, and five replaced fire hydrants. The project is located within the developed right-of-way along Campanile Way, Campanile Drive, Baja Drive and 54th Street and within an undeveloped canyon south of Baja Drive and east of Collwood Boulevard. The project site is situated along an unnamed tributary to Alvarado Creek in the College Community Planning Area within Council District 9.
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City of San Diego College Area Sewer and Water Group SDP
City of San Diego College Area Sewer and Water Group SDP