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City of San Clemente Housing and Safety Elements Update
The City of San Clemente (City) is located in the southeastern corner of Orange County, in southern California, approximately 52 miles south of Los Angeles. The project includes an update to the City’s Housing and Safety Elements, which are components of the City’s Centennial General Plan, or general plan. Additionally, the project evaluates potential future rezones necessary to implement identified “Housing Sites.” Housing Element The purpose of the 6th Cycle Housing Element Update (2021-2029) is to identify the City’s housing needs and outline goals, policies, and programs to address them. The Housing Element is an eight-year plan, extending from October 15, 2021 to October 15, 2029. The primary issues addressed in the Housing Element include: • The provision of a decent home in a healthy environment for all economic levels of society; • Housing affordability for special needs populations; • Assisting in the development of affordable housing; • Implementation of housing programs; and • Rehabilitation and preservation of existing affordable housing. The Housing Element builds upon other General Plan elements and is consistent with the land use policies set forth by the 2014 General Plan. Safety Element The project includes an update to the Safety Element of the City’s Centennial General Plan in order to reflect the most recent available data, in addition to incorporating new analysis and information related to wildfire and climate vulnerability in response to the latest State requirements for safety elements. Updated safety element data and mapping includes figure updates for the issues of geologic, seismic and soil hazards, flood hazards, potential tsunami inundation areas, fire hazard severity zones, critical facilities, and hazardous materials sites. Updates to the Safety Element do not affect the potential for development to occur or result in any physical change as it is a policy document.
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City of San Clemente City of San Clemente Housing and Safety Elements Update
City of San Clemente City of San Clemente Safety and Housing Element Update