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Old Arcata Road Rehabilitation and Pedestrian/Bikeway Improvements Project
The Project would improve motorized and non-motorized transportation and user safety in Bayside, California. The project would link critical activity centers within the community, including schools, neighborhood facilities, and residential areas. The project would repave Old Arcata Road, including bike lanes on both sides of the roadway alignment, and improve and extend an existing shared use walkway along the west side of Old Arcata Road from approximately 600 feet south of the Buttermilk Road Roundabout and extending south to approximately 300 feet beyond the Jacoby Creek Road intersection. The total project length is approximately one mile. The project includes intersection and pedestrian safety improvements along Old Arcata Road, including sidewalk and walkway improvements, curb ramps, curbs and gutters, speed humps, and enhanced crosswalks. New pavement would extend into residential and commercial driveways along Old Arcata Road to ensure smooth transition between existing and new pavement elevations. Construction of a new sidewalk along approximately 375 feet of Hyland Street is also included in the project. The project includes improvements to the underground storm drain infrastructure that extends along the length of planned improvements in discrete locations. Improvements include new and upgraded storm drain catch basins, storm drain piping, and storm drain junction boxes. The project may include the replacement of sanitary sewer laterals and the installation of cleanouts. The project may also include the replacement of water service connections and resetting/installation of water meters within City/Public right of way. A new roundabout would be constructed near the southern terminus of the project at the intersection of Jacoby Creek Road. Crosswalks, signage, lighting, and paved walkways would be integrated into the roundabout. A new retaining wall would extend along the west side of Old Arcata Road from approximately 100 feet just north of the proposed Jacoby Creek Roundabout. Modifications and repaving of the roadway that serves the Bayside Post Office may also be required. The project would terminate approximately 300 feet south of the proposed Jacoby Creek Roundabout along Old Arcata Road. The Jacoby Creek Road pavement improvements would terminate approximately 400 feet east of the proposed roundabout. The project also includes approximately 1,600 sq-feet of onsite wetland creation within the roadside right-of-way (areas adjacent to the proposed project). The Project is being designed in accordance with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, 7th Edition (2018). In addition, the Project would be designed in accordance to other specific applicable standards, including the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD 2020); the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design; the 2019 California Building Code and portions of the Caltrans Highway Design Manual, 7th Edition (2020).
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City of Arcata Old Arcata Road Rehabilitation and Pedestrian/Bikeway Improvements Project
City of Arcata Old Arcata Road Rehabilitation and Pedestrian/Bikeway Improvements