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123 Independence Drive Residential Project
The project proposes to demolish the five existing office and industrial buildings, shift the parcel boundaries to create five new lots, including four building lots (A, B, C and D) and one open space lot (Lot 1), and construct 316 rental apartments and 116 for-sale townhomes. There would be 48 apartments and 18 townhomes designated as Below Market Rate (BMR) units. Lot A would support a 5-story building with 316 rental apartments and approximately 335 parking spaces in a parking structure with a single level below-grade and a single level at-grade. Lots B, C and D would support 3-story townhomes that would be subdivided via condominium mapping. A total of 251 parking spaces would be provided in a combination of private garages and at-grade parking stalls. Long-term and short-term bicycle parking would also be provided throughout the site. The project proposes to provide an additional eight BMR apartment units as part of the project’s preliminary community amenities proposal resulting in a total of 56 Below Market Rate apartment units. Lot 1 would stretch across the site from Constitution Drive to Independence Drive, with a 11,945 square foot park near the middle of the site and a 14,209 square-foot paseo connecting the park to Constitution Drive and to Independence Drive. Landscape zones would be placed around building perimeters and along street frontages and common green spaces would be provided between townhomes and in the apartment building courtyard. Outside of the paseo and park, the project proposes 88,035 square feet of landscaping.
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City of Menlo Park 123 Independence Drive Resdential Project
City of Menlo Park 123 Independence Drive Residential Project
City of Menlo Park 123 Independence Drive Revised NOP
City of Menlo Park 123 Independence Drive Project