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Loayza Grading Abatement
This application is for a Grading Abatement to restore the site to pre-graded condition in two areas on the property. Grading abatement includes excavation quantities of 58 cubic yards of cut and 58 cubic yards of fill. Area 1 will include restoration of an existing ditch connecting an existing culvert beneath Monterey Road with a creek crossing (West Little Llagas Creek) along the easterly boundary of the property. The unpermitted fill and a 48-inch corrugated metal pipe, approximately 80 feet long, fencing, and a new pond across the unpermitted fill area will be removed. The creek top-of-bank will be restored and revegetated in compliance with a Riparian Restoration Plan. Area 2 will include removal of unpermitted three-foot high retaining walls constructed in the northeast corner of the property and a fence across easement boundaries. The grading material generated by restoring the ditch on Area 1 will be used to restore the areas on the property with a gentle slope to match pre-graded condition.
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Santa Clara County Loayza Grading Abatement
Santa Clara County Loayza Grading Abatement