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Well 4 TCP and Nitrate Mitigation Project
Provost & Pritchard prepared a technical memorandum titled “Mettler CWD 1,2,3-Trichloropropane and Nitrate Mitigation Feasibility Study” to define design treatment methods associated with contamination from the synthetic organic chemical (SOC) 1,2,3-trichloropropane (TCP) and nitrate at one of the community’s wells (Well 4). The Mitigation Study identified improvements required to treat the TCP with granular activated carbon (GAC) and blend the Well 4 water with Well 3 water to reduce the level of nitrate. The nitrate blending system is assumed to consist of passive, manually adjustable, flow control valves and flow meters with a nitrate analyzer to monitor performance. The project is in a developed area (truck stop and rest area). The Area of Potential Effect is approximately 18,000 sq ft including a 20 ft corridor for the new pipeline connecting the Well 4 discharge to the treatment site. The proposed project consists of water treatment facilities at the existing Well 3 site. Specific dimensions of construction components are listed below: • GAC vessels (2 total): 12’ diameter; 15’-0” tall; 18’x36’x2’ concrete foundation • Backwash supply tank: 32’-8” diameter; 16’-1” tall; 2’x3’ ring wall footing • Electrical service upgrade – to allow both well pumps to operate simultaneously • Approx. piping: o 4” pipe – 100’ o 6” pipe – 500’ o 8” pipe – 250’ o 12” pipe – 80’ • Reclaim pump: 40 gpm pump on 6’ x 4’ concrete pad • Backwash Supply Pump: 1,500 gpm on 6’ x 4’ concrete pad • Chain link fence: 250 LF; and 30’ double access gate • Site improvements area: ˜ 7,000 sf • Nuisance Water Pond: 25ft x50ft (20,000 gal)
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Mettler County Water District Well 4 TCP and Nitrate Mitigation Project
Mettler County Water District Well 4 TCP and Nitrate Mitigation Project