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Clawiter Road Industrial Project
The project would involve demolition of four existing on-site structures, ancillary structures, and on-site improvements in order to develop an industrial park consisting of four industrial core and shell structures totaling approximately 616,000 square feet and a transformer yard. The project includes a lot line adjustment to establish a lot for each building, for a total of four lots. Although the City will be approving the core and shell in the initial project approval, this analysis assumes occupied buildings and associated equipment for the purposes of the CEQA analysis. Three of the proposed buildings (Building 1, 2, and 3) would be designed for occupation by industrial uses allowed in the IP and IG zoning districts, which could consist of, but not be limited to, manufacturing, research and development, warehouses and distribution, and wholesale establishments. A fourth building (Building 4) is proposed to be occupied by a data center which would house computer servers for private clients and would be designed to provide 49 megawatts (MW) of information technology (IT) power. Building 4 would incorporate variable speed drives and variable frequency drives on fans and motors, LED lighting, and an electronic power management system for the data center.
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City of Hayward Variance TWW-2021-SG-00336 to Allow the Generation, Accumulation, and Transport of Treated Wood Waste under Alternate Procedures by Clawiter Innovation, LLC.
City of Hayward Clawiter Road Industrial Project