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City of Angels Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
Water treatment plant and transmission facilities improvements over a two-phase, approximately five-year period including, but not limited to: the addition of a second flocculation basin, repurposing the existing sediment basin, replacing three existing filters with two, demolishing and filling the existing clear well to accommodate a new reclaim tank and reclaim water processing equipment, installing a new water transmission line, culverting the open ditch channel providing Union Ditch water from the Angels Forebay to the property boundary and associated activities. Phase 2 includes expanding the plant’s capacity to meet the projected maximum daily demand flow for the year 2031 and includes demolishing and re-designing the sedimentation basin area to accommodate an additional flocculation basin and two new plate settler structures. Two new filter vessels will replace the existing three vessels to increase production, reduce backwash water by more than 50 percent, and allow the plant to remain online during backwashing. Additional sludge dewatering equipment and drying beds will be added to process the increased sludge volume and associated activities. A complete project description is available at City Hall.
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City of Angels Camp City of Angels Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
City of Angels Camp City of Angels Water Treatment Plant Upgrade