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Windsor Estates 3
Cornerstone Development Group, Inc. (Developer), is proposing to subdivide ±52 acres (gross) into 80 lots in order to construct single-family dwelling units and associated accessory structures. A Preliminary Grading Plan is included. Parcel sizes would range from 6,000 square feet (SF) to 16,252 SF. The 2.7-acre parcel on the north side of Pine Grove Avenue is not proposed for development at this time and is identified as a designated remainder. The net acreage of the development site (excluding the remainder parcel, road rights-of-way [ROW], easements, and steep slopes) is 35 acres; thus, the net density of the project is 2.3 dwelling units per acre. The project is proposed to be constructed in three phases. It is estimated that installation of utilities, paving of on-site streets, and development of building pads would occur over a three- to four-month period for each phase. The timeframe for home construction would depend on market demands. The project includes a General Plan amendment from IL to Suburban Residential (SR) for the lands shown and detailed in the Initial Study. ±2.11 acres are public road and utility ROW that is within the boundaries. The project also includes a rezone of the project site. Because the remainder parcel on the north side of Pine Grove Avenue is not proposed for development, it is not included in the rezone. The current zoning designations are One-Family Residential 12,000 Square Foot Minimum Lot Size and Unclassified. The City has determined that the project site will be rezoned to Planned Development (PD) in accordance with City of Shasta Lake Municipal Code Chapter 17.62. The main access to the subdivision would be from Pine Grove Avenue. Chaucer Way in the northern end of Phase 2 of the Windsor Estates Subdivision would be extended to Pine Grove Avenue and would be constructed in accordance with City standards for a residential collector street (60-foot ROW, with two 18-foot driving lanes, and curbs, gutters, and sidewalks on both sides of the street). The remainder of the streets in the subdivision would be constructed as residential local streets (56-foot ROW, with two 16-foot driving lanes, and curbs, gutters, and sidewalks on both sides of the streets). Where required, a sound wall along Pine Grove Avenue would be constructed to ensure compliance with the City’s noise standards. The existing separated sidewalk along Pine Grove Avenue, west of the project site, would be extended along the property’s frontage. Landscaping, including street trees, would be planted adjacent to the sidewalk in accordance with City requirements. Utility infrastructure (water, sewer, electric, natural gas, and telephone) would be extended to the project site from Pine Grove Avenue and/or the existing terminus of Chaucer Way. Two detention basins would be provided to control runoff during storm events Construction activities would include clearing, grading, excavation, trenching, underground utility installation, road paving and striping, and construction of dwelling units. It is anticipated that all work associated with initial site work, installation of utilities, construction of streets, and development of building pads, would be conducted using conventional construction equipment (e.g., excavators, scrapers, graders, dozers, backhoes, forklifts, cranes, paving equipment, etc.). Construction of dwelling units would occur using conventional construction methods. Staging for construction equipment and materials would occur on the project site.
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City of Shasta Lake Windsor Estates 3
City of Shasta Lake Windsor Estates 3