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CUP2020-002, Mission Livestock Feedlot
The project addresses an application for a Conditional Use Permit to convert the previous Greenwood Dairy facility, located at 6569 County Road 27 in Orland, to a beef cattle feedlot. The Greenwood Dairy was established in 2000; in December 2007 Conditional Use Permit 2007-002 was approved for the expansion of the Greenwood Dairy. In March 2009 a Minor Amendment for revisions of the site plans were approved. Conditional Use Permit 2007-002 approved a herd of 4,100 dairy cattle (Holstein); which equates to 5,567 Animal Units. Conditional Use Permit 2020-002 proposes a feedlot with a beef cattle capacity of approximately 7,100, (4,260 Animal Unit) with a maximum capacity of 9,278 beef cattle. Cattle will arrive at the site at an average weight of 350 pounds and leave at a weight of approximately 950 pounds. Individual cattle will be onsite for approximately 150 days. The facility is proposed to operate seven days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No new structures are being proposed. Mission Livestock is applying for coverage under Order R5-2017-0058 Waste Discharge Requirements General Orders for Confined Bovine Feeding Operations. Under this Order, the conversion of the dairy to a feedlot would be considered an “existing facility” as the current dairy was covered under individual waste discharge requirements (Order R5-2008-0122) and the operation had been approved and undergone CEQA review.
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Glenn County CUP2020-002, Mission Livestock Feedlot
Glenn County CUP2020-002, Mission Livestock Feedlot