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Kamm Avenue Pistachio Processing Plant Project
Kamm Avenue Pistachio Processing, LLC (Applicant) is proposing to construct and operate a pistachio processing facility to process nuts from nearby orchards and other areas. The Applicant proposes to construct, operate, and maintain a pistachio processing plant with three huller lines with an average annual processing capacity of 60 million pounds of pistachios. The Project would provide pistachio processing capacity in the immediate vicinity of existing pistachio orchards that currently ship harvested crops for processing to more remote locations, including processing plants located outside of Fresno County. The Project would operate year-round to package and process harvested pistachios for retail and wholesale customers. During an approximately 6-week harvest period, which typically occurs from August to October, the Project would operate seven days a week and 24 hours per day to receive, hull, heat, dry and store pistachio crops in onsite storage silos. During non-harvest operations, the Project would operate two shifts per day, five or six days per week depending on pistachio product market conditions. The Project would have a full-time workforce of 60 employees. An additional 60 workers would be employed during the 6-week harvest period. The primary pistachio processing facilities would be located within an approximately 80-acre fenced area bordered by Kamm Avenue to the north and agricultural fields to the south, east and west. Two process water settling and cleaning ponds, each with 50 acre-feet of storage capacity, would be located along the southern border of the site and would be connected to the processing plant via an underground pipeline. Approximately 80 to 90 percent of all water used by the Project will be recaptured, cleaned, and used by local pistachio growers for irrigation.
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Fresno County Kamm Avenue Pistachio Processing Plant Project
Fresno County Draft Environmental Impact Report No. 7896 Kamm Avenue Pistachio Processing Plant
Fresno County Kamm Avenue Pistachio Processing Plant: Classified CUP Appl. No. 3685, Variance Appl. N. 4085, & EIR 7896
Fresno County Conditional Use Permit Application No. 3685, Variance Application No. 4085, and Environmental Impact Report No. 7896