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Aratjna Solar Farm by 64NB 8ME LLC
The Aratina Solar Farm Project, as proposed by 64NB 8ME LLC (project proponent), would develop a photovoltaic solar facility and associated infrastructure necessary to generate up to 600 megawatt-alternating current (MW-AC) of renewable energy, including up to 600 megawatts of energy storage, on approximately 2,672.53 acres of privately-owned land. The project site consists of five sites (Sites 1 through 5) located on 27 parcels located within Sections 5 and 6, Township 1 ON, Range 7W; Sections 1 and 2, Township 10N, 8W; and Sections 33 and 34, Township 1 IN, Range 8W, San Bernardino Base Meridian. The proposed project would be supported by a 230-kilovolt (kV) gen-tie overhead and/or underground electrical transmission line(s) originating from one or more on-site substations and terminating at the Southern California Edison's Holgate Substation to the north. Alternatively, the proposed project may interconnect at Southern California Edison's Kramer Substation to the east, located in San Bernardino County via an up to 230kV transmission line located within an Edwards Air Force Base utility corridor. The proposed project's permanent facilities would include service roads, a power collection system, communication cables, overhead and underground transmission lines, electrical switchyards, project substations, inverter stations, energy (battery) storage system(s), and operations and maintenance facilities. Implementation of the project as proposed would require: a) ZCC 6, Map #192; ZCC 5, Map #192-35; ZCC 3, Map #208- 5; ZCC 6, Map #208-6; ZCC 1, Map #209-1; ZCC 1, Map #209-2; b) CUP 16, Map #192; CUP 17, Map #192; CUP 7, Map #192-35; CUP 3, Map #208-5; CUP 7, Map #208-6; CUP 8, Map #208-6; CUP 1, Map #209-1; CUP 1, Map #209- 2; and c) GPA 6, Map #192; GPA 2, Map #192-35; GPA 3, Map #208-5; GPA 3, Map #208-6; GPA 1, Map #209-1; and GPA 1, Map #209-2.
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Kern County Aratina Solar Farm by 64NB 8ME LLC