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Produced Water Pre-Treatment & Advanced Water Solutions Project
The proposed Project consists of a Conditional Use Permit for a wastewater processing facility on a 7-acre parcel within an existing 33,000 square foot industrial building. The wastewater treatment facility is designed to treat industrial, non-hazardous wastewater, which will be brought to the facility by truck transportation. Process equipment will be installed in an existing industrial building and will be designed to process between 100,000 to 700,000 gallons per day (GPO) of wastewater. Wastewater received at the facility will be from oilfield operations, including Produced Water and Flow Back Water. The wastewater to be treated will have the following primary ingredients: • Petroleum oil, • BOD materials, • Metals, and • Suspended solids Wastewater being received at the site will either be off-loaded directly into the processing facility or held in portable tanks on the property, to be subsequently piped into the processing facility. All processing equipment and process steps will be within the building. Water is treated in a multi-stage treatment process and then pumped to holding tanks. A Blue Water Resource operator will manually initiate operation of the transfer pumps to move Treated water from the product storage tanks will be automatically pumped to tankers that will haul water off the site. The facility is proposed to operate 7 days a week with 24-hour work days. The facility will have 15 full time employees who will work in shifts. There will be 40-75 tanker truck trips and 10-12 water truck trips to the property per day. The primary objective of the treatment process is to cleanse the water so that it can be sold back to the oil field service companies and re-used in oil extraction operations. Other uses for the treated water include distributing to environmental firms, water resource companies, and other small independent oil and gas producers merchant facilities.
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City of Wasco Produced Water Pre-Treatment & Advanced Water Solutions Project
City of Wasco Produced Water Pre-Treatment & Advanced Water Solutions Project