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Yolo County Central Landfill (YCCL) Permit Revisions
The Yolo County Central Landfill (YCCL) is a municipal solid waste (MSW) facility located in unincorporated Yolo County about two miles northeast of Davis, and five miles southeast of Woodland, near the intersection of County Roads 28H and 104. The site covers 725 acres. The YCCL is owned by Yolo County and operated by the County’s Department of Community Services, Division of Integrated Waste Management (DIWM); it has been in operation since 1975. The landfill is open seven days per week and accepts non-hazardous MSW, green waste and food waste, construction and demolition debris, liquid waste and recyclables. The Project would be undertaken to allow the County greater flexibility in developing and implementing processes and operations that would reduce waste from the landfill, reduce environmental impacts of landfill operations, decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, increase the recovery of materials and energy from waste, operate more efficiently and economically, and extend the facility’s lifespan. Proposed changes to the design and operation of the YCCL that constitute the Project, and which are analyzed in the DEIR, include the following: 1. Increased Daily Permitted Tonnage 2. Wood Pellet Facility 3. Large Scale Floating Solar Photovoltaic System 4. Solar Photovoltaic System on Closed Landfill Units 5. Waste Gasification Facility 6. Expanded Biogas Utilization Options 7. Peaking Power Plant 8. New Class 2 Surface Impoundment 9. Organic Waste Fertilizer Facility 10. Stormwater Treatment System and Discharge 11. Additional Groundwater Pumping (Possible Treatment and Discharge) 12. Transfer Station 13. Non-Specific Future Off-Site Borrow Area 14. Thermal Pressure Hydrolysis System 15. Biogas to Methanol Pilot Facility
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Yolo County Yolo County Central Landfill Permit Revisions Project
Yolo County Yolo County Central Landfill (YCCL) Permit Revisions
Yolo County Yolo County Central Landfill Permit Revisions