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Sycamore Hills Distribution Center
The Sycamore Hills Distribution Center Project proposes development of two warehouse buildings and associated improvements including parking, fire lanes, fencing and walls (including retaining walls), landscaping, and water quality treatment areas. The Project proposes subdividing the site into two numbered parcels (Parcels 1 and 2) and three lettered parcels (Parcels A, B, and C). Parcel 1 is proposed to be developed with Building A, a 400,000 square foot warehouse, and Parcel 2 with Building B, a 203,100 square foot warehouse, for a combined total of 603,100 square feet of warehouse. Both warehouse buildings are proposed for high cube transload short-term use, primarily for the shortterm storage and/or consolidation of manufactured goods (and to a lesser extent, raw materials), usually on pallet loads or larger handling products prior to their distribution to retail locations or other warehouses. A typical high cube warehouse has a high level of on-site automation and logistics management. No refrigeration use is proposed. Parcels A and B contain the existing 11.6-acre Restricted Property that landlocks Parcel 1. The proposed Project includes modifications to the Restricted Property to create a driveway to connect Parcel 1/Building A to Alessandro Boulevard. The Project proposes to expand the Restricted Property by a net 0.63-acre, for a total acreage of 12.23 acres. A trailhead parking lot is proposed on Parcel C, totaling 1.18 acres, for access to the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park. Improvements include a parking lot, sidewalk, shade structure, bike rack, drinking fountain, fencing, and a Fire Department access gate. Parcel C will be dedicated to the City.
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City of Riverside Sycamore Hills Distribution Center
City of Riverside Sycamore Hills Distribution Center
City of Riverside Sycamore Hills Distribution Center