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Rolling Meadow Ranch, LLC, Conditional Use Permits
Six Conditional Use Permits for 5.73 acres of mixed light cultivation and processing facilities located in five distinct cultivation areas. The proposed cannabis operation will be primarily located on APNs 217-181-028 and 217-201-001. Cultivation would occur in 16 greenhouses. Operations would occur year-round and there will be a maximum of four cultivation cycles annually. Annual water use is approximately 4,628,200 gallons. Water will be provided by three existing wells. There will be 320,000 gallons of hard-sided tank storage that will store rain from rooftop runoff. Processing, including drying, curing and trimming, will take place on site within 5 proposed processing structures totaling 33,750 square feet. There will be a maximum of 30 employees during peak operations. The proposed project includes development of power from P. G. & E. The overall development will total 8.50 acres. The project is accessed by McCann Road using the McCann Bridge. Approximately 5 miles of private ranch roads will be used to access cultivation areas. At the property entrance, employees will park their vehicles and an electric bus or similar type vehicle will be used to transport employees to the cultivation and processing areas. Secondary access through Alderpoint Road will be utilized during the rainy season when the low-water bridge is not in use.
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Humboldt County Rolling Meadow Ranch, LLC, Conditional Use Permits
Humboldt County Rolling Meadows CUP Draft Initial Study and MND