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Tegtmeier Associates, Inc. Parcel Map
The applicant is requesting approval of a tentative parcel map with deviation on a proposed parcel not meeting the length to width ratio per county’s zoning ordinance development standards and a major use permit to allow the division of one parcel approximately 26.12 in acreage size into four (4) lots sizes within a wetlands area (please see attachment). The parcel property is located in Lakeport, California. Elevations range from approximately 1330 to 1345 feet NGVD. The local watershed is Manning Creek (HUC 12:180201160306) and the regional watershed is Cache Creek (HUC 8: 180220116). The area is bounded by residential, commercial, and light industrial development to the north, west and south; ruderal fields to the north and south, and Manning Creek with dense valley oak-Oregon ash riparian canopy to the east. A vineyard resides approximately 50 feet beyond Manning Creek to the east. The area contains approximately 8.61 acres of developed sites primarily composed of paved and unpaved parking areas (drive-in theatre) and buildings (indoor movie theatre and projection booth).
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Lake County Tegtmeier Associates, Inc. Parcel Map
Lake County Tegtmeier Associates, Inc. Parcel Map