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Indian Creek Connectivity
The Indian Creek Connectivity and Restoration Project (Project) proposes to rehabilitate an approximately 3,300-foot alluvial valley bottom area of Indian Creek with a "stage-0" design to raise groundwater elevations and improve surface water connectivity. The Project is located in a valley that has become degraded due to historic gold mining and logging practices that buried the valley in mining debris and altered hydraulic properties of the valley substrate. Consequently, the central portion of the Project area runs dry during the late summer and early fall of most years. The proposed action would shorten the period when low flows present a barrier to anadromous fish passage and connection to upstream habitat, thereby improving ecologic and geomorphic conditions by promoting the establishment of riparian vegetation and increasing the residence time of water and sediment within the Project area of Indian Creek. The Project involves re-grading the valley bottom to create a laterally-flat valley bottom that slopes downstream at a near constant gradient; cutting/filling approximately 32,700 cubic yards of material to create the geomorphic grade surface and allow surface water and groundw
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Trinity County Indian Creek Connectivity and Restoration Project (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2020-0334-R1)
Trinity County Indian Creek Connectivity