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WRF-3 Lift Station
The proposed WRF-3 Lift Station will be constructed on City property within the boundary of the existing WRF-3 Treatment Plant. More specifically, the underutilized paved parking lot located within the southeast quadrant of the existing treatment facility as shown in Figure 3. Upon construction of the lift station and connection to the existing pipelines the existing WRF-3 Treatment Plant will be abandoned. "The proposed WRF-3 Lift Station is designed to pump sewage tributary from WRF-3 to the Arantine Hills Lift Station. The proposed lift station will permit the collection of sewage flows tributary to the treatment plant and upon collection, discharge the sewage to another lift station, which is properly sized to intake additional flow, before the sewage is ultimately directed to WRF-1 Treatment Plant. "The WRF-3 Lift Station is designed to pump a peak flow of 2.25 million gallons per day (MGD) (1,560 gallons per minute [gpm]) with two operational pumps and one standby pump sending flows to the WRF-3 sewer force main. Flow from the WRF-3 sewer force main would discharge to the Arantine Hills Lift Station wet well. The Arantine Hills Lift Station has been sized to accept the peak flow from the WRF-3 Lift Station. From the Arantine Hills Lift Station, sewage would be directed to the City’s WRF-1 Treatment Plant, which has the necessary treatment capacity available to treat these flows.
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City of Corona WRF-3 Lift Station
City of Corona WRF-3 Lift Station