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1137 Peach Street Residential Subdivision
The project consists of a common-interest subdivision of an 0.86-acre medium-density residential parcel to create 10 parcels and construct five new single-family homes. The project site is within the Mill Street Historic District and includes the retention of five, two-bedroom, single-story residences, which are on the City’s Contributing List of Historic Properties. The applicant is requesting to construct five new two-bedroom, two-story single-family residences, each with an attached two-car garage. The proposed project includes tree removals, and would provide additional rear access and parking, permeable paving patios, utility improvements, and landscaping improvements at these existing residences, but does not propose demolition, reconstruction, or replacement of the five existing residences. The project also includes a common-interest subdivision to create ten lots, each will contain one of the ten residences, and requested exceptions from development standards to allow interior side and rear setbacks to be reduced and to allow required parking to be provided in tandem.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of San Luis Obispo 1137 Peach Street Residential Subdivision
City of San Luis Obispo 1137 Peach Street Residential Subdivision