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San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail Project (Reaches 1 & 2)
The City of Campbell, in cooperation with the City of San José and the Santa Clara Valley Water District (Valley Water), proposes to construct a 1.28-mile paved bicycle and pedestrian trail that will follow the San Tomas Aquino Creek on top of existing Valley Water levees and creek bank, starting from Westmont Avenue and concluding at Margaret Lane. Reach 1 will connect Westmont Avenue to McCoy Avenue and involve constructing a new clear span pedestrian bridge measuring approximately 114 feet long, near the east end of Westmont High School and the south side of Forest Hill Elementary School. The top of levee within these limits will allow for an 8-foot travel width with shoulders of varying width. The trail itself will be asphalt concrete paved with gravel shoulders. In Reach 2, the trail will parallel West San Tomas Aquino Road for approximately 0.42 mile and be located on City of Campbell and/or Valley Water property on the north side of the road. After a short at-grade crossing of Harriet Avenue, the trail will continue east along the north side of West San Tomas Aquino Road and end at Margaret Lane. The project in this area will include trailheads, safety fencing, centerline striping, and signage. At this location, the proposed trail will include an asphalt concrete paved travel width of 12 feet with 2-foot-wide gravel shoulders. Fencing will be provided on either side of the trail to restrict trail users from entering San Tomas Aquino Creek or crossing West San Tomas Aquino Road. The proposed project also will involve constructing trailheads at Westmont, McCoy, and Harriet Avenues opposite Inwood Drive and at Margaret Lane. Trailheads likely will include decorative concrete pavement, user amenities, and signage. No portion of the project alignment is listed on any of the hazardous waste lists under Section 65962.5 of the Government Code.
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City of Campbell San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail Project (Reaches 1 & 2)
City of Campbell San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail Project (Reaches 1 & 2)