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DRC2018-00081 Blanchard / Old Creek Ranch, Minor Use Permit (ED20-077)
A request by Terez-Maria Blanchard of Old Creek Ranch PTP for a Minor Use Permit (DRC2018-00081) to allow for the establishment of 3 acres of outdoor cannabis cultivation and ancillary transport of cannabis products grown on-site on a portion of two parcels totaling 410 acres. The project would result in site disturbance of approximately 2.03 acres including minimal surface clearing and grubbing associated with installation of security fencing and manual preparation of the cultivation sites. The project includes a request to modify the screening and fencing standards set forth in LUO 22.40.050.D.6 to waive the standard for solid fencing materials to allow for the installation of electrified deer fencing to enclose each of the proposed cultivation areas. The project site is located within the Agriculture land use designation at 12520 Santa Rita Road, approximately 4 miles northeast of the community of Cayucos in the Adelaida sub area of the North County Planning Area. *** Documents and Additional Project Information Also Available Online:
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
San Luis Obispo County Blanchard/Old Creek Ranch PTP Minor Use Permit;DRC2018-00081
San Luis Obispo County DRC2018-00081 Blanchard / Old Creek Ranch, Minor Use Permit (ED20-077)