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PA-1800177 (UP)
The proposed project is a Use Permit application to establish a religious assembly facility for a maximum of 185 attendees. This facility will also host silent meditation retreats for an average of fifty (50) people at a time, and will occur an average of eight (8) times per year. An average of fifteen (15) attendees visit the site during the week and an average of 65 attendees visit the site on the weekends. The facility anticipates a maximum attendance of 185 attendees on average of four (4) times per year during special holiday events. The project is planned for construction in two (2) phases over six (6) years. Phase 1 includes the conversion of an existing 5,000 square foot agricultural building to a mixed use worship building, a 3,700 square foot kitchen addition to the mixed use worship building, and the conversion of an existing 1,803 square foot building to a private garage. Phase 2 includes the construction of five meditation retreat buildings totaling 7,800 square feet (approximately 1,500 square feet a piece), a 5,900 square foot pagoda building, a 600 square foot maintenance building, and the conversion of the 1,803 square foot private garage to an administration building. The project site will be served by private septic systems for sewage disposal, private well for water, and on-site storm water retention basin. The existing single family residence is not included as a part of this application. The project site is not under a Williamson Act contract. (Use Types: Religious Assembly-Neighborhood)
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San Joaquin County PA-1800177 (UP) - Use Permit application to establish a religious assembly facility.
San Joaquin County PA-1800177 (UP)