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Midway Village Redevelopment Project
The Midway Village Housing Complex (Mid\vay Village area) is being proposed for redevelopment as part of ythe Midway Village Redevelopment Project (proposed project). Currently the Midway Village area is developed with 150 residential units. 223 parking spaces, a child-care facility (Bayshore Child-Care Center), open space, an existing street system. and office space for the County Housing Aulhority of the County or San Mateo (HACSM). Additionally, an existing park, David R. Rowe/Bayshore Park (Bayshore Park), is currently located directly northeast of the Midway Village area and the area will be redeveloped as part of the proposed project. The proposed project would involve redevelopment of the Midway Village area and the Bayshore Park would include mixed-use development consisting of 555 residential units, 746 parking spaces, a child-care facility, a community center. office space for property management and other ancillary services, a revised street system, and recreation facilities. The existing Bayshore Park would be relocated to a different location within the proposed project site and would be rough graded before it is returned to the City and developed with various park amenities (development of the new park amenities is not part of the proposed project). HACSM currently administers several affordable housing programs throughout San Mateo County, including the existing Midway Village area. These affordable homes are restricted for low- and very low-income households and would remain as such under the proposed project. Other ancillary improvements as part of the proposed project would include landscaping, water and wastewater line improvements, and pedestrian walkways.
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City of Daly City Midway Village Bayshore Park Remedial Action Plan Amendment
City of Daly City Midway Village Redevelopment
City of Daly City Midway Village Redevelopment Project