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Hollow Lane Culvert Replacement Project
The project would replace the existing Dry Creek culvert crossing beneath Hollow Lane, approximately 0.4 miles west of Ridgewood Road in Redding, California, Shasta County. The two existing 60" corrugated metal pipes will be removed and replaced with one 5-foot tall by 15-foot wide aluminum arch pipe with a concrete bottom. The new culvert will include headwalls, wing walls, concrete aprons, scour repair, and a 20-foot rock energy dissipation pad at the outlet. The project also includes underground utility relocation and scour repair at the culvert location. Most work would occur within the City right of way; however, acquisitions and easements may be required. Traffic control would be necessary to construct the project. It is anticipated that construction would take one season and is planned for 2021.
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City of Redding Hollow Lane Culvert Replacement Project
City of Redding Hollow Lane Culvert Replacement Project