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Trails at Carmel Mountain Ranch
Project proposes a GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT; COMMUNITY PLAN AMENDMENT to redesignate from Private Recreation-Golf-Course to Low-Medium Density Residential (6-9 dwelling units per acre) and Medium Density Residential (30-43 units per acre), Open Space, and Other Open Space in the Carmel Mountain Ranch Community Plan; REZONE from AR-1-1, RS-1-12, RS-1-14, RM-1-1, RM-2-5 and RM-3-7 to RM-1-1, RM-1-3, RM-2-4, RM-2-5, RM-2-6, and RM-3-7, OP-1-1, CC-2-1, from RS-1-14 to AR-1-1 and RM-2-5, from RM-2-5 to AR-1-1, from RS-3-7 to AR-1-1, and from RM-1-1 to AR-1-1; VESTING TENTATIVE MAP to create new legal lots; MASTER PLANNED DEVELOPMENT PERMIT with Design Guidelines; SITE DEVELOPMENT PERMIT; NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT PERMIT; RESCISSION OF CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT No. 87-0568; and various EASEMENT VACATIONS to redevelop the existing 18-hole golf course with 1,200 multi-family residential units and a mix of open space and recreational areas. More specifically, the project would include 451 townhomes, 629 market-rate apartments, and 120 affordable apartments. Within the CC-2-1 zone the project proposes future development of an approximately 6,000 square feet of community commercial amenities that could include an art studio, a café/restaurant/banquet area with kitchen, and a caretaker unit. Approximately 111 acres of various recreational amenities would be provided that comprised of a publicly accessible multi-use trail system that would circulate throughout the project site and connect to sidewalks along the proposed on-site roadways and along existing adjacent residential streets, parkland, and open space. The project also proposes allowable deviations from the development regulations pertaining to height, minimum side yard and rear yard setbacks, and minimum street frontage. The project would also construct various site improvements, including associated hardscape, landscaping, infrastructure (e.g., off-site utility connections of water, sewer), storm drain, and access. The approximate 164.5-acre 18-hole Carmel Mountain Golf Course is located at 14050 Carmel Ridge Road. The General Plan designates the project site as Park, Open Space, and Recreation; the Carmel Mountain Ranch Community Plan designates the site as Private Recreation-Golf Course and is zoned AR-1-1, RS-1-13, RS-1-14, RM-1-1, RM-2-5, and RM-3-7. Additionally, the site is within the Airport Land Use Compatibility Overlay Zone for Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar, the Airport Influence Area (AIA) for MCAS Miramar (Review Area 2), Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone (Very High), Residential Tandem Parking Overlay Zone, parking Standards Transit Priority Area, and Transit Priority Area. (APNs: 313-043-09, 313-040-60, 313-040-62, 313-031-28, 313-040-71, 313-541-10, 313-660-43, 313-704-01, 313-704-02, 313-040-79, 313-040-80, 313-031-32, 313-043-01, 313-043-02, 313-043-03, 313-653-40, 313-621-29, 313-512-43, 313-523-13, 313-040-85, 313-040-71, 313-690-26, 313-690-25, 313-041-09, and 313-340-26).
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City of San Diego Trails at Carmel Mountain Ranch
City of San Diego Trails at Carmel Mountain Ranch