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DRC2018-00188 Engrained LLC, Conditional Use Permit (ED19-273)
A request by Engrained LLC for a Conditional Use Permit (DRC2018-00188) to establish 2 acres of outdoor cannabis cultivation, 15,576 square feet of indoor (mixed-light) ancillary cannabis nursery, ancillary processing, and ancillary transportation on a 77-acre parcel. Ancillary cannabis nursery cultivation would occur within 3 new greenhouses totaling 13,608-square feet and a 4,690 square-foot area within the proposed 20,000 square-foot building for ancillary nursery cloning. Processing activities (including drying, curing, and packaging of cannabis grown on-site) would occur within a 14,880 square-foot area within the proposed 20,000-square-foot building. The project also includes improvements to the existing property driveway, installation of four 320-square-foot seatrain containers for the storage of supplies, installation of a new 100 square-foot shed for security and irrigation control, installation of 12 5,000-gallon water tanks, and the installation of one 20,000-gallon water tank for fire water storage. The project would result in approximately 9.29 acres of site disturbance on the 77 acre parcel, and 1.53 acres of offsite site disturbance, totaling 10.2 acres of site disturbance, and includes 10,610 cubic yards of cut and 8,778 cubic yards of fill (net total of 19,388 cubic yards of earthwork) related to access improvements, to be balanced. The project site is located within the Agriculture land use designation in the El Pomar-Estrella sub-area of the North County Planning Area. Location is 4150 North Ryan Road, approximately 2.25 miles northeast of the community of Creston. *** Documents and Additional Project Information Also Available Online:
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San Luis Obispo County DRC2018-00188 Engrained LLC, Conditional Use Permit (ED19-273)
San Luis Obispo County DRC2018-00188 Engrained LLC, Conditional Use Permit (ED19-273)