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Covina Bowl Specific Plan Project
The proposed 7.5-acre Covina Bowl Specific Plan is located on a site bounded by N Rimsdale Avenue to the east, W San Bernardino Road to the north, and W Badillo Street to the south and includes five parcels located at: 1118 W San Bernardino Road (APN 8434-017-007), 1060 W San Bernardino Road (APN 8434-018-020), 1103 W Badillo Street (APN 8434-017-008), 1085 W Badillo Street (APN 8434-018-021), and 1111 W Badillo Street (APN 8434-017-009). The Specific Plan establishes a land use plan, development standards, and design guidelines to direct redevelopment of the site. The Specific Plan divides the site into four Planning Areas (PAs) and includes a mixed-use development for the adaptive reuse of the historic Covina Bowl building with 12,000 SF commercial/office uses within PA 1, and construction and operation of 132 for sale multi-family units, within 16 three-story buildings, in PA 2. The Specific Plan includes the future mixed-use development within PAs 3 & 4 with a maximum development intensity of either 41,419 SF of retail or 63 multi-family units. Project also includes improvements to the N. Rimsdale Avenue ROW to allow angles on-street parking. The Draft EIR is a Program EIR for the overall Specific Plan and a Project EIR for development of PAs 1 and 2.
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City of Covina The Covina Bowl Specific Plan Project
City of Covina Covina Bowl Specific Plan Project
City of Covina Covina Bowl Specific Plan Project