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Parking Structure 1
UCR proposes to construct a four-level parking structure, approximately 27-foot high to the top of guard rail and 350,728-square-feet, with 1,079 spaces (Parking Structure 1). The project also includes the reconfiguration of the existing surface parking area, landscape and hardscape improvements, new pedestrian and bicycle pathways, and other site amenities (e.g., bicycle racks, benches) on the existing campus parking lot (Parking Lot 13). The purpose of the proposed project is to accommodate parking needs of the existing campus population and the anticipated growth of student, faculty, and staff populations as analyzed in the LRDP EIR, as well as compensate for the loss of existing surface parking lots due to new major capital projects. The proposed project would result in a net increase of approximately 825 to 850 parking spaces within the project site. The project site is in an area designated as “Parking” in the 2005 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) and 2005 LRDP Amendment 2, which allows for the development of the proposed project.
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University of California, Riverside Parking Structure 1
University of California, Riverside Parking Structure 1