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Promontory Point Apartment Project
The Project proposes a General Plan Amendment (GPA), Zone Change (ZC), and Development Plan (DP) to change the existing Commercial General Plan land use, Single Family General Plan land use and Neighborhood Commercial zoning, Single Family 1 zoning to Multifamily Residential General Plan land use, Multi-Family 3 zoning, and to develop multi-family housing totaling 234 units on an 8.37 acre site. The Project will provide a recreation area with pool and covered picnic area, near the Date Street entry, that will have benches and grills/counters, and there will be a tot lot play area, near building 5, with covered picnic area that will also have benches and grills/counters. The primary entry driveway is proposed off Date Street at the northwestern side of the Project. This entry is gated and will provide the main ingress and egress from the Project site. A secondary access off Rising Hill Drive (southwestern side of the Project) will provide an emergency only access. The Project will incorporate 382 off-street parking spaces, 98 spaces will be covered, 172 open/uncovered parking spaces, and 112 garage spaces. The City requires a 50% shade requirement for parking spaces, this is achieved with covered spaces and by shade from trees. See NOC for full details.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of Murrieta Promontory Point Apartment Project (DP2018-1761; GP2018-1762; ZC2018-1763)
City of Murrieta Promontory Point Apartment Project