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The RWQCB, Lahontan Region finds that this project, as permitted, will not have a significant effect on the environment and shall, therefore, be exempt from the
By upgrading from antiquated analog recording systems to state-of-the-art earthquake recording and telemetry equipment, this station will be able to contribute continuous seismic data to the CA Earthquake Early Warning System (CEEWS) and ShakeAlert, designed to potentially save thousands of lives during a large earthquake, prevent critical infrastructure damage, and expedite recovery following a large earthquake. With permission from the property owner secured, USGS plans to upgrade and operate the seismic monitoring station at the Lat/Lon location noted above. The existing equipment enclosures will be removed and replaced with two new aluminum enclosures (2' x 3' x 21 "H) mounted to 6" thick concrete pads: one concrete had at grade (maximum 6" depth) and the second concrete pad at a depth of typically 16" below grade. The existing antenna and PV mast at the site will be replaced with an ~8' tall steel pipe which will be mounted to one enclosure and concrete pad and hold the 2'x4' solar array and telemetry antenna. The two enclosures will be connected by flexible conduit in a shallow trench (6" deep, 6" wide) about 25ft long; this trench will be filled to grade after installation. A ground rod will be driven to a depth of 8' proximate to the battery/radio enclosure; additionally, a 2-gauge wire will be buried in a 12" deep, 6" wide trench around the exterior of the enclosure. All excavation will be dug by hand or mini-excavator, depending on site accessibility. There are no hazardous substances involved during construction nor as components of the site. If necessary, a small generator will be used to power a handloaded concrete mixer and any other tools needed for the construction. Construction/installation takes 3 days and covers a total of 175sq.ft. (5'x35').
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California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES) Seismic Monitoring Station Upgrade