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City of Santa Ana Well No. 32 Rehabilitation Project
The City of Santa Ana is proposing to rehabilitate existing Well No. 32 by removing the existing pump and installing a new one with a variable frequency drive to pump well water. The Project includes construction of approximately 3,250 linear feet of new pipeline to pump the well water to the existing John Garthe Reservoir. The project also includes a new above ground well building with an electrical room and a separate chemical facility building for on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite to disinfect well production waters. Appurtenant features include demolition of underground facilities, site improvements and landscaping. The City encompasses 27.5 square miles and has a population of over 325,000 people. The City operates a water distribution system which includes more than 450 miles of water mains and over 44,000 water services. The City's potable water is obtained by using a combination of pumping from the Orange County Groundwater Basin using 21 existing groundwater wells and importing water via seven (7) Metropolitan Water District pipeline connections. The City has some wells that produce groundwater with elevated nitrate levels. The City has developed a Nitrate Blending Plan that mixes the high nitrate groundwater with low nitrate groundwater. One of the high nitrate wells is Well No. 32 and it has been inactive for over nine (9) years due to low operating efficiencies and high nitrate levels. See NOC for full details.
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City of Santa Ana City of Santa Ana Well No. 32 Rehabilitation Project
City of Santa Ana City of Santa Ana Well No. 32 Rehabilitation Project