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Forterra Pipe Expansion Project
Revised Conditional Use Permit No. 2018-199 proposes a revision to the previous City-approved CUP 2016-263, by constructing a new 16,500 sq. ft. metal building with a 3,125 sq. ft. shed roof overhang within the existing manufacturing and storage area in the eastern portion of the project site (east of Palomar Road). The new building will have a height of 47'-3" and will be used for the fabrication of concrete water quality boxes. The project also includes three (3) traveling cranes to assist in the assembly and movement of mate.rials and concrete. Concrete batching equipment will be installed and will include a precast concrete mixer with sand and aggregate material bins and a cement silo for the storage of raw cement. The material storage bins and cement silo will be 19 and 48 feet high, respectively. This concrete batching, equipment will replace the delivery of ready-mix concrete from local suppliers. See NOC for full details.
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City of Menifee “Forterra Pipe Expansion” Revised Conditional Use Permit No. 2018-199
City of Menifee Forterra Pipe Expansion Project