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Calistoga Riverside Ponds Relocation Project
The proposed Project would be located on portions of the Dunaweal Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the City of Calistoga. The proposed Project would protect the City of Calistoga WWTP riverside ponds, WWTP headworks structure, and associated critical infrastructure from flooding, erosion, and catastrophic bank failure that currently threatens the continuous uninterrupted operation of the WWTP. Components of the proposed Project include relocation of the four riverside ponds to two riverside ponds, realignment of river channels away from existing infrastructure, restoration of riparian vegetation buffers, stabilization of channel banks, and associated drainage and underground utilities (i.e., stormwater conveyance ditch, pipes, and effluent pump stations). No temporary construction easements or land acquisitions would be required for construction of the proposed Project, as it is located on an existing City of Calistoga Right of Way.
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City of Calistoga CalistoQa Riverside Ponds Relocation Project
City of Calistoga Calistoga Riverside Ponds Relocation Project