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RTI-I Transpacific Fiber-Optic Cables Project
RTI Infrastructure, Inc. (RTI-I), formerly known as MC Global BP4, Inc. and currently doing business as HMB IX (Applicant), proposes to install and operate up to two submarine fiber-optic cable systems with landing sites in Hermosa Beach. Terrestrial facilities (i.e., landing pipes, manholes, ocean ground beds, terrestrial cables, conduits, and an existing power feed equipment [PFE] facility) and marine components (i.e., marine conduits, marine cables, and cable regenerators) would be installed. An onshore landing site would be installed at either 6th Street or 10th Street to connect marine cables to a terrestrial conduit system and lead to an existing PFE facility.
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City of Hermosa Beach RTI-I Transpacific Fiber-Optic Cables Project
City of Hermosa Beach RTI Transpacific Fiber Optic Cables Project