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Madison Avenue Residential Project
The proposed project consists of a 19-unit residential subdivision on two non-contiguous lots, Parcel 508-120-18 (north parcel) and Parcel 512-130-35 (south parcel). The north parcel would be subdivided into 9 single-family residential lots, ranging in size from 10,832 to 17,852 square feet. The south parcel includes a lot line adjustment (LLA) that will move 7,586 square feet from Lot A (Seminary property) to Lot B (residential subdivision) and would be subdivided into 10 single-family residential lots, ranging in size from 14,004 to 14,645 square feet. Future development of the property would involve the construction of approximately 18 new single-family residences, which will require grading, and new private and public improvements.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of El Cajon Shadow Mountain Residential Project
City of El Cajon Madison Avenue Residential Project