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Eastside Pipeline Looping and Pipeline Abandonment lmrovements
The State Water Res0urces Control Board (SWRCB) is the lead agency. The SWRCB's Safe Drinking Wate~ State Revolving 'Fund (SDWSRF) Program is providing state funds for the project. The Lake Morena's Oak Shores Mutual Water Company, Inc. proposes improvements to the existing water pipeline distribution system to resolve issues left by incomplete improvements in 2013. The project will install approximately 1,200 linear feet of 6-inch C900 PVC pipeline segments among dead-end pipelines in residential neigborhoods on Laurel, Primrose, Lilac, Cedar, and Poppy Drives, and between the tank site and the nitrate treatment facility. It will also install dry barrel fire hydrants on a portion of Poppy Drive; reconnect existing water services to LMOSMWC customers· on Poppy and Lilac Drives; connect water services to three future customers on Lilac, Primrose, and Laurel Drives; and connect pipelines between existing lines on the storage tank road and Lake Morena Drive, between those on Lake Morena Drive and those at the nitrate treatment facility, and between those on Vine Drive and those at the nitrate treatment facility. The old pipeline system would be disconnected and abandoned in place in several locations. This project also includes the consolidation of four private residential parcels with private wells currently not served by the LMOSMWC water system. LMOSMWC well site properties (Wells 2, 5, and 6) are proposed as staging/laydown areas.
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State Water Resources Control Board Eastside Pipeline Looping and Pipeline Abandonment lmrovements