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Surface Mining Permit No. 194 Revision No. 1
Surface Mining Permit No. 194 Revision No. 1 (SMP194R1 or proposed revision) proposes a revision to the existing Riverside County approved 58-acre Dillon Road Mine (SMP 194 or 1995 approved Plan).The property site encompassing approximately 95.2 acres within eastern Riverside County and is located northeast of the City of Indio, approximately seven miles north of Interstate 10 (1-10) (see Figure 1 ).The proposed revision is requesting adding approximately 6.6 acres that were scraped for mining outside the 1995 approved mine limits but within their property boundary in the south-central portion for a revised total mine site of approximately 64.6 acres (see Figure 2); extending the length of the permit for an additional 25 years until December 31, 2044 to allow future utilization of the construction aggregate resources (sand and gravel) for local construction projects; and eliminating the future use of an approved asphalt plant from long-term plans. Note: See NOC for continued description.
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Riverside County Surface Mining Permit No. 194 Revision No. 1