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Talbert Extraction Well Decommissioning Project
The proposed project involves the destruction and permanent decommissioning of seven (7) extraction wells including demolition of the associated structures and pipeline and construction of one (1) new monitoring well within the City of Huntington Beach. The extraction wells and associated pipelines were constructed in the 1960s by OCWD as components of a system intended to extract and convey saline groundwater within the Talbert Gap in an effort to reduce the potential for seawater intrusion into the Orange County Groundwater Basin. Operation of the extraction wells was stopped in 1981 and all components of the system are inactive. The proposed Project would be intended to permanently decommission the inactive components of the extraction well system and install one new monitoring well on City of Huntington Beach right of way.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Orange County Water District Talbert Extract Well Decommissioning Project
Orange County Water District Talbert Extraction Well Decommissioning Project