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Eliot Quarry (SMP-23) Reclamation Plan Amendment
The project is a modification of an approved reclamation plan project for a vested mining operation. Except as outlined below, CEMEX proposes no change to any fundamental element of the existing operation. Under the proposed project, CEMEX proposes a revised reclamation plan that serves to adjust reclamation boundaries and contours, enhance drainage and water conveyance facilities, incorporate a pedestrian and bike trail, and achieve current surface mining reclamation standards. The planned post-mining end uses are water management and agriculture (nonprime). Consistent with prior approvals, the project will develop Lake A and Lake B, which are the first two lakes in the Chain of Lakes pursuant to the LAVQAR Specific Plan. Upon reclamation, Lake A and Lake B, along with their appurtenant water conveyance facilities, will be dedicated to Zone 7 for water storage, conveyance, and recharge management. Reclamation activities include installation of a diversion structure at Lake A, overflow outlets in Lakes A and B, pipeline conduits from Lake B to future Lake C, backfill and grading for other disturbed areas, and realignment and restoration of an approximately 5,800 linear foot reach of the Arroyo del Valle.
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Alameda County Eliot Quarry (SMP-23) Reclamation Plan Amendment
Alameda County Eliot Quarry (SMP-23) Reclamation Plan Amendment
Alameda County Eliot Facility (SMP-23) Reclamation Plan Amendment