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Faith Bible Church Project (Planning Application No 17-0111)
The project is on the northwest and northeast corners of Depasquale Road and Glazebrook Road, respectively, and encompasses Assessor's Parcel Numbers (APNs) 376-410-024 and 376-410-002 in the City of Wildomar, California. The proposed development includes construction of a 27,489 square -foot worship building with ultimate capacity for 1,030 seats and includes assembly areas, rooms for bible study/religious education, and training and worship rooms. The project also includes construction of a 16,486 square-foot children's ministry/child care building (to be used during worship services only), an 18,024 square-foot gymnasium, three (3) residential dwellings (to be used for visiting missionaries), amphitheater, and 795 parking spaces. The project includes the following applications for consideration by the Wildomar Planning Commission: 1. General Plan Amendment (GPA) -Approval of a General Plan Amendment to convert the existing land uses of Commercial Office (CO) and Medium Density Residential (MOR) to Commercial Retail (CR) on two parcels (APN: 376-410-002 & 376-410-024). 2. Lot Line Adjustment (LLA) - Approval of a lot line adjustment prior to project approval to move the line adjoining the existing parcels (APN : 376-410-002 & 376-410-024) westward. The project site is 25.58 acres total. The lot line adjustment would expand APN 376-410-002 to 24.31 acres and reduce APN 376-410-024 to 1.27 acres. All physical improvements would occur within APN 376-410-002 (24.31 acres). APN 376-410-024 (1.27 acres) would remain undeveloped and is not proposed for development under this project; any future proposed development would require separate CEQA review and discretionary approvals. 3. Plot Plan (PP) - Approval of a plot plan for the Faith Bible Church development including related on-/off-site improvements. The worship area, children's ministry building, and the gymnasium would be approximately 27,489 square feet, 16,486 square foot, and 18,024 square foot, respectively. The proposed project would result in a total of 795 parking spaces upon completion of all construction phases.
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City of Wildomar Faith Bible Church Project
City of Wildomar The Faith Bible Church Project
City of Wildomar Faith Bible Church Project (Planning Application No 17-0111)