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Hechanova Minor Subdivision MS1901
This project subdivides a 40 acre parcel into two parcels and a remainder. The two proposed parcels would be 15.9 acres and 5 acres with a 20 acre remainder. The 15.9 acre parcel is currently developed with a residence and accessed by a paved driveway. The 5 acre parcel includes a dilapidated house and open flat areas accessed by a separate driveway. The General Plan land use designation is Rural Residential 1 dwelling unit per 5 acres and Timberlands (on the remainder). The zoning is Rural Residential, 2 acre minimum and Agriculture, 5 acre minimum. This minor subdivision is not considered growth inducing as two residences already exist on the sites of the two proposed parcels, respectively.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Del Norte County Wilmer Hechanova - Minor Subdivision - MS1902
Del Norte County Hechanova Minor Subdivision MS1901