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Proposed Reusable Grocery Bag Regulation
In 2014, the Legislature passed and the Governor signed SB 270 (Stats. 2014, Ch. 850; Pub. Resources Code§§ 42280-42288), but a referendum stayed enactment of the law until the November 2016 general election when voters passed Proposition 67. SB 270 bans certain stores from distributing single-use carryout bags and allows those stores to instead provide a reusable grocery bag to customers for at least 10 cents per bag. SB 270 requires manufacturers of reusable grocery bags to certify that their bags meet certain requirements and submit those certifications, along with an administrative fee, to CalRecycle. CalRecycle must then post a list of reusable grocery bag producers with certified reusable grocery bags. CalRecycle must· also create an administrative fee schedule to cover its costs to implement SB 270. This regulation creates that administrative fee schedule and set the procedures for reusable grocery bag producers to submit their fees, certifications, and biennial certification renewals to CalRecycle. The regulation also defines several terms to make more specific what reusable grocery bag producers must submit and also how CalRecycle will review and manage the content of certification documents.
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California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Proposed Reusable Grocery Bag Regulation