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South Bay Aqueduct (SBA) Mowing 18.47 - 31.83
Delta Field Division (DFD) staff will perform maintenance along the SBA pipeline easement to mow the complete easement along the following SBA locations: Del Valle 'T' MM 18.57, 18.79 and 19.15, MM 30.69 to 30.73 and 31.83, MM 35.81, MM 36.47 and Uridias Ranch Rd. DFD staff will utilize a water truck or spray tank as fire control. A weed whacker and hand tools will be used to clear vegetation at locations not accessible by mower. Staging of equipment will be on DWR right-of-way along established unpaved and paved roadways. Total mowed area will be approximately 2.6 acres. All work is within DWR right of way.
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Department of Water Resources South Bay Aqueduct (SBA) Mowing 18.47 - 31.83