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City of Imperial Beach General Plan/ Local Coastal Program Update and Climate Action Plan
The Imperial Beach General Plan/ Local Coastal Program (LCP) and Climate Action Plan (CAP) Project provides updated policy direction to improve the City's resiliency to sea level rise and climate change while also advancing the City's environmental, economic, and community goals. Further the City's longstanding vision to maintain the City's "small town, quiet, casual atmosphere" while increasing economic stability and improving environmental quality is a major focus of the General Plan/LCP, and CAP. A City's General Plan guides near-term and long-term growth and development in the community, and because 87 percent of Imperial Beach is within the Coastal Zone, the General Plan also includes the LCP. An LCP is a plan to guide development in the Coastal Zone. It establishes land use, development, and environmental policies for the area designated as the Coastal Zone by the California Coastal Commission (CCC). The LCP consists of two parts: A Land Use Plan (LUP) and an Implementation Plan (IP). The LUP specifies the location, type and scale of uses of land and water. The IP ensures that the objectives of the LUP are achieved. The LUP includes updates to the Land Use Element; Mobility Element; Conservation and Ecotourism Element; Parks, Recreation and Coastal Access Element; Safety Element; and Design Element. The CAP establishes a roadmap for the City to meet the 2020 and 2030 GHG reduction targets and become a more sustainable, adaptable, and resilient community. The Project emphasizes long-term collaboration at all levels of government, the private and non-profit sectors, and Imperial Beach residents for successful long-term General Plan/LCP and CAP implementation The CAP has been developed in parallel with the City of Imperial Beach General Plan/Local Coastal Program (LCP) Update. Additionally, the Project includes a rezone of a salt marsh pond located in the northern part of the City from Urban Reserve to Open Space.
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City of Imperial Beach Resilient Imperial Beach LCP CAP (MF 1234)
City of Imperial Beach City of Imperial Beach General Plan/ Local Coastal Program Update and Climate Action Plan