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Improving Energy Efficiency and Performance of Wastewater Recycling
The objective of the proposed project is to advance the science and engineering of algae wastewater treatment systems, to enable current and future California wastewater plants to reduce net electricity consumption while improving plant performance and lower overall costs. The RNEW® (Recycle Nutrients Energy and Water) process, being further developed by the present project, follows-up on prior and recent research supported by the US DOE, and would be applied to new, or retrofitted to existing, wastewater treatment plants. The technological and scientific knowledge being advanced by this project are the controlled operation of intensive high-rate algal ponds for year round wastewater treatment. This includes low-cost harvesting of the algal biomass by a combined algal settling and membrane separation for recovery of energy, fertilizers and reclaimed water. The primary market that will be impacted by the RNEW® technology will be the water/wastewater treatment markets. California IOU ratepayers will benefit from annual electric power savings, lower costs for wastewater treatment, and reduced environmental impacts overall, including from electricity generation. Additionally, algal wastewater treatment benefits local communities by reducing odors typically produced by conventional wastewater treatment. In addition, the low profile and reduced need for machinery improves the aesthetics of the facility.
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California Energy Commission Improving Energy Efficiency and Performance of Wastewater Recycling