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General Electic Site Remediation and Redevelopment Project (ER18-013)
The project applicant, Bridge Development Partners, and site owner, in the General Electric Company, are proposing a site remediation and redevelopment project that would include demolition of the eight existing structures, foundations and associated equipment on the site, including Building #1 that has a City of Oakland historic rating of A1+ and is therefore a CEQA historic resource. The facade of Building #1, would e preserved, treated to contain any contaminated materials, and incorporated into the design of the new building. The site would be sufficiently remediated to permit its reuse. The demolition and abatement would be conducted with appropriate regulatory agency oversight by the EPA and DTSC. After demolition and remediation, an approx. 110.446 sq. ft. of landscaping, 93 dock doors and 360 parking stall would be constructed. Building construction would include soil vapor barriers, clean utility corridor and other protections for construction workers and employees of the new facility and will be overseen by the EPA and DTSC. No onsite work is proposed as part of the project other than connections to existing utility systems.
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City of Oakland General Electric Site Remediation and Redevelopment Project (PLN19-076/ER18-013)
City of Oakland General Electic Site Remediation and Redevelopment Project (ER18-013)